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Postal Scale

What is a postal scale? A postal scale is an efficient way to reduce overpayment on outgoing mail and it helps in processing large volumes of mail with no sweat at all. When it comes to large volumes of mail a postal scale should be directly integrated into the rest of the business’ postage system which includes postage meter, sealer, feeder, and the like. A standalone scales are the most affordable way to improve the mailing efficiency of small to medium-sized companies and choosing the right one is sometimes a little tricky. So make sure to ask around first before making a decision. The best thing is to ask someone who uses the scale regularly so they can recommend the best scale for your mailing needs. Convenience is the advantage here, having a postal scale can help increase the mailing efficiency and it can help a typical business to save up to 15% on postage.

Types of Postage Scale

There are three types of postage scale, the manual, digital and spring versions. The manual postage scale uses a balance or spring to weigh envelopes and it requires users to read the weight from a mechanical needle. Because of this the scale is prone to human error and you have to check a reference table of current postage prices before giving out the actual price. The digital scale on the other hand uses a pressure sensing microprocessor that provides unambiguous digital readout. The scale is programmed with rate information and it displays the exact price once the item is weighed. Also .known as the electronic postage scale, the digital scale must be adjusted each time postal rates change. The spring version may not offer the convenience of the digital scale but it offers cheap and functional solution for low-volume mailers.

Postal Meter

A postage meter is the one responsible of printing postage based on the rates and regulations of the USPS. Postal meter will save you the time and the hassle of going to the post office and it means postage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By using postal meter a business can save up to 20% of its year in postage and overstamping is no longer a problem.

Postage Certification

This is a system that certifies correctly accounted postage payment. It includes an input for entering transactional mail run data and a data processor that is included to the input. Certain parameters for the documents are determine by this system and once the document is certified is it fed along a document feed path. Located under the control of the data processor, the printer places a certification imprint after all necessary accounting is done upon the documents.

Postage Scale and Meter Manufacturers

Pitney Bowes Ltd
Known for its innovation and strategic acquisition, Pitney Bowes is once known as the postage meter company. Today the company has expanded its business in helping their customers create, produce, distribute and manage their mail, packages and documents. The company offers a wide array of postage scales and meters that suit to all mailing needs. Prices are according to its model.
Totalpost Services Plc
The company manufactures state of the art postage scales that interface to all makers of postage meter. All products are ISO accredited and the company is a Royal Mail authorised supplier and maintainer of frankers and supplies. All postage meters are available in affordable prince and quality. Princes may also vary.