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Based on a current statistic there are 30 million people in the United States who moves each year. Can you imagine how many times the US post office change each person’s address? Moving to a different location is not only about changing your address but also changing your post office address. That is if you wish to receive your mails and your bills on time. So by submitting a Post Office Change of Address you will be guaranteed to have your mails forwarded to your new address.

There are several options on how you can change your Post Office Address, but the easiest thing to do is to do it online. You can fill out the online form in just 2 minutes. This online processing is fast, secure and safe that anyone can definitely do it. Also, don’t forget to notify the important people you receive mail from of your new address for less hassle and on time delivery.

Change of Address Form

This form is pretty self-explanatory for it contains basic information about the person’s name, old address and the new address and whether the move is temporary or permanent. Also, it asks the date you want the post office to stop delivering to your old address and starting forwarding the mails on your new address. You also have the choice to instruct the post office to stop forwarding your mail by indicating a specific date or to resume the delivery toy our old address.

The form also contains if the request is for a “family” or an “individual” change of address. This is because the post office doesn’t have the record of everyone’s last name within your family. The “family” request means that the postal service is going by last name and by checking the family box all mails with the same last name will have their mails forwarded to a new address. The “individual” request on the other hand is filed by a person who has a different last name, or it can filed by people who has the same last name but living in a different location.