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Express Mail

This type of shipping option is known as the fastest and time-sensitive service of USPS. It takes care anything from your letters, important documents and merchandise. Express mail guarantees a timely overnight delivery to any location. This service is available in 365 days a year including Sundays and holidays plus it comes with money back guarantee. This amazing delivery service features free tracking information, signature proof of delivery upon request and the only overnight delivery that caters for mailboxes and P.O boxes. It also comes with insurance that is up to $100 and 5% off when you purchase the service using PC Postage, Express Mail Corporate Account and Click-N-Ship®.

Express mail envelope has a flat rate of $18.30 and it comes with one price regardless of weight or distance. The envelope size is 12-1/2” x 9-1/2”. Acceptable weight is up to 70 pounds, and not more than 180 inches. An additional $12.50 rate for Sunday and holiday deliveries and it comes with commercial plus prices to qualify large volume customers.

Priority Mail

If you want a simpler way to ship your package or mail then the best option to take is the priority mail. No more playing the guessing game for this service offers the Priority Mail ® Flat Rates. This shipping option features an awesome way to ship anything that fits within the box or envelope for a cheap rate. Priority mail has a maximum 2-3 days delivery time, but in most cases delivery time mostly comes in 2 days. This service also comes with commercial base prices available for shipping with PC postage, Permit Imprint and Click-N-Ship®. Other feature includes delivery confirmation, insurance, and signature confirmation.

Now you can enjoy the flat rate with no weighing or calculating the shipping price and it is available in Zone-based pricing that starts at $4.90. Flat rate envelope is $4.90 in 12-1/2” x 9-1/2”. Small flat rate box is $4.95 while the large flat rate box for domestic addresses is $14.50 and APO/FPO destinations is $12.50. Balloon prices applies in Zones 1-4, for packages that weighs less than 20 pounds and measures more than 84 inches. Dimensional weight also applies when using priority mail in Zones 5-8 for parcels that exceeds one cubic foot capacity. All priority mail packages should weigh less than 70 pounds and contents must be reasonably fit either in the box or envelope.

First-Class Mail

First-class mail caters anything from postcards, large envelopes, letters, and small packages. First-class mail, including express mail and priority mail are ideal services for sending correspondence, bills or statement accounts and handwritten or typewritten letters. First-class mail can also be used as a form of advertisement and lightweight merchandise. Depending on shape and weight, a first-class mail price varies and it can only accommodate packages for less than 13 ounces.

First class mail also includes some extra services including certificate of mailing that provides evidence of mailing, certified mail that provides mailing receipt and online access to delivery information, and collect on delivery, this allows postage and price of an item to be collected from the recipient collected by USPS and given to the mailer. Every first-class mail is insured against loss and damage, and it is under the Registered Mail™. Confirmation of delivery is also included, this type of feature provides date and time of delivery or attempted delivery, plus it comes with Signature Confirmation™ that requires a signature of the person who signed for the item.

Parcel Post

This reliable service is the choice of many Americans because of its affordability. It caters small and large packages; including thick enveloped and tubes containing gifts and merchandise. Parcel post also delivers in P.O boxes and military addresses, and Saturday delivery is with no extra cost. Packages that weigh up to 70 pounds and measures up to 130 inches can be shipped using the parcel post services. Shipment cost is based on its weight, shape and distance. Surcharges only apply for some items including packages that weigh more than 35 pounds and some certain shapes like tubes and rolls.

Other services include certificate of mailing and insurance against loss or damage for merchandise and gifts. Delivery Confirmation™, Signature Confirmation™, return receipt and return receipt for merchandise are just one of the few perks of parcel post. Another unique feature of parcel post is restricted delivery; this feature allows only a specified or authorized person to receive the mail or package.

Bound Printer Matter

Also known as a the Paid by permit imprint only, the bound printer matter is a cost-effective USPS service that permanently-bound sheets of advertising, promotional, editorial material such as phonebooks and catalogs. Companies who usually take advantage of this type of mail are Avon, Victoria Secret, and other catalog companies. This type of service can only weigh up to 15 pounds and at least 90% of the sheets are printed by any process other than typewriting or handwriting. Sheet packages must be permanently-bound by something secure like a fastener, staple, glue, spiral binding, or stitching.

This service is also entitled for discount rates for 300 or more pieces. Extra services include return receipt for merchandise, restricted delivery, return receipt, Delivery Confirmation™, Signature Confirmation™, and collect on delivery. Now you can send any printed matter with ease and confidence that your packages are in good and capable hands.

Media Mail

This is the most cost-efficient way to send books, recorded video tapes, sound recordings, printed music and recorded computer-readable media such as diskettes, DVD’s and CD’s. This service is strictly for shipment .purposes and not for advertising except for incidental announcement of books. Media Mail’s maximum weight is 70 pounds and presorted rates are available for bulk quantities. Barcode discount is also available and rates are based on the package weight and size.

This mail service also comes with extra services which include transit insurance against loss and damage, Delivery Confirmation™, Signature Confirmation™ and Collect on Delivery. Now with media mail you are assured that all your packages are well taken care of.