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United States Postal Services (USPS) offers a wide array of services and products that promise to take care of your packages and mails. Ensuring that your package will be in good condition as it reaches your recipient is the primary goal of USPS, and this is the reason why the company provides a top of the line USPS supplies to ensure that your mail will be in good hands. Shipping supplies are made available online and in your local post office so you can get it anytime you want. Some supplies are free of charge and some you have to purchase online or in your post office.

Ordering supplies online is as easy as mailing your mail or package. Once you are in the website, select Supplies and go to USPS shipping supplies. There are four selection that you can choose; the flat rate boxes and envelopes, priority mail boxes and envelopes, express mail boxes and envelopes, and international boxes and envelopes. Once you’ve made your choice, your web browser displays a page from which you can order the supplies. If you have some trouble orderingbyou can always contact USPS for further assistance.

USPS products are also available at 1,083 office depot stores across the country, such as priority mail flat rate boxes and envelopes, parcel post, stamps, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, etc. You can pick up these supplies straight from these stores at your convenience. By using Postal Service shipping products you will be assured that there will be no surcharges and you can start paying a low rate to any state just by using the priority mail flat rate. Now you can stop worrying about weighing the package and have some savings in your pocket.

How to Buy Postage

Ordering postage is now easy with USPS. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your postage account before printing your postage stamps. You can check your current postage account balance in the “Review postage total and print area”. You can stock up your postage by using the payment information when you set up your account with USPS. If you want to change your mode of payment from your previous purchase, you can click the “change” button and follow the on-screen prompts.

You can start buying your postage by clicking the toolbar, and click the “Buy Postage” icon. Select the amount from the list in the “Amount of postage to purchase” and click “Buy Now” once you selected the amount. A confirmation email will be sent to you when the transaction has completed.

How to Buy Postage Labels

Postage labels are needed when you decided to print your own postage. There are specifically approved labels that the USPS has authorized so make sure to get your postage labels online. Depending on the type of printer you are using, you can choose from the two types of postage labels available online; the rolls and sheets. To buy your postage labels, go to the website’s toolbar and click the “buy labels” icon so you can place your order.